Señor Beard, Aspiring Unicorn Tamer

How has it been 3 whole years since we did a beardterview?! We are ready to jump back in to introducing you to some amazing new beards (and their faceplants).


Today, we have beardterviewed a long-time wearer of Delicious Beard products: Señor Beard. He's made a great life after suffering PTSD (the "S" is for shaving), and offers some sage advice for whiskers of the future.

Q: What name do you prefer to go by and why?

A: Señor Beard as you can see I am latino and well the rest just came naturally.

Q: How long have you been growing? Tell us your bio. 

A: I've been on this face plant since 2006 on and off. We had our ups and downs. I went away a few times since but have been growing strong for the past 4 years. 

Q: Have you ever experienced the horrors of a sharp blade deliberately cutting you off? If so, how did that make you feel?

A: It was a hot dry day in 2014. <tear running down> I...I...I cant talk about it. I suffer from Post Traumatic Shaving Disorder. Anytime a trimmer or blade comes near me I freak. I vowed to never let it happen again. Since then I have joined a beard club called Bearded Villains. They give me reason to keep fighting.

Q: What's your honest opinion of your faceplant, and why did you choose to plant yourself on that face?

A: So Tony is a decent guy. He went through some tough times in 2014. That's kind of why we parted ways that year. I forgave him because he needed my help. He is a nice guy but man is his neck ugly. I figured I could help him out. He feeds me and bathes me so the least I could do is make him look good. 

Q: Would you ever leave your faceplant (if so, what would be the deciding factor), or are you committed for life?

A: I don't think I could leave him... unless Zac Efron needs back up... Haha but yeah im stuck with the guy. We need each other. 

Q: Tell us about your dream job. If you could do anything, what would it be?

A: Honestly, my dream job would be unicorn taming. They are crazy wild and rare so just the opportunity to do that would be amazing. 

Q: Since we all know beards are notorious for catching food, what are your least and most favorite foods to hang on to?

A: I'm notorious for left overs but I think the worst food I catch is basically any pasta with sauce. It manages to get in places and just stays. The best food is cheetos. I usually find them while they are still crunchy. 

Q: Do you have any super embarrassing stories unique to being a beard? Do tell!

A: Well I shed... like a lot. I literally cant go anywhere without leaving a hair or two behind. At least. It's just terrible. I feel if you gather them all up you could make 2 of me.

Q: What is your advice for baby beards or beards still searching for their own face on which to plant themselves?

A: Just grow. Don't let your face plant trim you. You are not going to be a big strong beard all at once. It takes time and hard work.

And there you have it, ladies and beards. Just keep growing and feeding your hirsute pursuits. In honor of Señor Beard, and to start a new tradition for when we drop new beardterviews, you can have free shipping in our online store for the next week. Use coupon code SENORBEARD at checkout. Expires September 26, 2018.


Happy Bearding!



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